PSAU – Privileggio-Secchi Architettura e Urbanistica – based in Milan, is a practice founded in 1998 by Nicolò Privileggio and Marialessandra Secchi.

Since the beginning of its activity, the office has crossed the fields of architecture, town planning and landscape design, winning several international design competitions, thanks to which it has been commissioned projects in many European cities, including Bari, Freiburg, Geneva, Lausanne, Bologna and Jesi.

PSAU has been researching for more than twenty years on some pre-eminent design themes:  the relationship between architecture and the construction of the city, the reinvention of living spaces, the specificity of geographical contexts, and the dialogue between history and innovation, focusing on the public and civic relevance of each project.

The studio’s activity is fuelled by the constant dialogue between design practice and university research. Marialessandra Secchi, the scientific coordinator of the studio, is engaged in research on urban planning and landscape issues, thus cultivating a critical and creative confrontation with the transformations taking place in the built environment – from domestic space to territory.

Over the years, PSAU has accumulated extensive experience in elaborating complex urban projects that intersect different scales of space and involve several players, coordinating multidisciplinary teams and putting its skills at the service of public and private institutions.

PSAU is a small team of architects whose work is constantly stimulated by dialogue with clients and confrontation with an experienced group of consultants in different fields such as civil and environmental engineering, mobility, economic feasibility, urban economics,  geology, agronomy and botany.

Its clients include public administrations or companies such as FFS (Swiss Federal Railways), RFI, CAAB s.p.a (Centro Agroalimentare Bologna), and Prelios sgr.