CST – Centro sportivo nazionale di nuoto Tenero

Open competition - Second Prize

In the near future the Tenero sport park will become a clearly recognisable place and a relevant component of local landscape.

Straight tree lined paths inviting the contemplation of the  distant landscape, subdivide and measure the large surface devoted to sport activities.

We propose to reinforce and accomplish the geometry of the tree-lined “rooms”, through a sequence of elementary volumes defining the material and perceptive edges of the flat landscape, enclosed between the mountains and the lake.

As a consequence, the new architectural elements will simply mark the limit and define the horizon that identifies the sport park. As a result the scenic qualities of open space will stand out.

The swimming complex – the first building to be realised – will define the limit to the east, providing a scenic background for the open-air sport grounds. The building is conceived to be used in a strong relation with the landscape both in summer and in winter. In summer, when the roof opens, the pools become open air “rooms” offering a sight over the mountains. However, the pools will also maintain a strong relation with the surrounding lawns, mediated by the large window openings.

In winter the poly-carbonate roof, becomes a large white translucent lantern, providing a good thermal insulation while maintaining a bright indoor environment.


  • 2017


  • Tenero Contra, Ticino (CH)


  • Confederazione svizzera, Ufficio federale delle costruzioni e della logistica (UFCL)

Project team

  • Privileggio_Secchi architettura
  • Nicolò Privileggio, Marialessandra Secchi,
  • Manuel Clasadonte, Stefano Ivaldi


  • Ing Mario Gallinaro, civil engineering
  • E.C. Engeneering s.r.l., MEP engineering
  • Maria De Castro F.S. Teles, landscape architecture