Privileggio-Secchi Architettura e Urbanistica is a Milan-based studio founded by Nicolò Privileggio and Marialessandra Secchi in 1998.

Since its foundation, PSAU has endeavoured to develop the concept of a project that integrates urban planning with architecture and landscape planning, thus detaching itself from the conventional definitions of such disciplines. The preferred field of study is that of the European city with regards to the layering of its history and the complexity of its current condition. 

In its study of European cities, the studio carefully observes the city and its territory through the project whilst simultaneously examining the relationship between architecture and the structure of the city. At the core of each project lies the relevance of its public and civil function.

On that basis, PSAU has acquired significant experience, specifically in undertaking complex urban projects which require the ability to question the transformations taking place so as to gain a deeper understanding of different scales and thematic implications.

The projects implemented by PSAU combine detailed attention to domestic spaces and focus on territorial scale. They are enriched by their address of morphological as well as environmental and technical performance issues of the living space.

The completion of each project is very much reliant on/linked to the research that has been carried out prior and the university teaching by part of its co-founders. This has indeed enabled it to develop an innovative approach employing the most internationally advanced tools. 

PSAU takes pride in its intimate team of architects as it allows for deeper dialogue with their commissioners. A multidisciplinary debate is ensured by virtue of an experienced group of consultants, each boasting expertise in a range of fields such as civil and environmental engineering, mobility, renewable energies, economic feasibility, urban economics, agronomy and botany.