EUROPAN 5 New Housing Landscape – Travel and Proximity

Open International competition - First Prize

A collective network of open spaces rises from the site’s sloping coastline; then, moving inland, it forms a “porous” structure without strong hierarchies.

The network links different parts of the town, while its physical pattern becomes the long-lasting framework of a new residential area.

Spaces of differing sizes adapt to temporary appropriations or densification processes. Oriented to have a view over the sea, the housing units form a suspended patchwork made up of built and open spaces. The slope natural contours are shaped artificially to provide walled, private gardens, playgrounds, terraced orchards, and pedestrian walkways.

The resulting play of levels is used to vary the plan and sizes of different individual homes. Access is always from public space, shared by cars and pedestrians. Walled spaces produce varying degrees of “introspection” and “extroversion”, acting as a filtering device between private enclosure and collective space.


  • 1998


  • Rovinj(HR)


  • Europan HR
  • Municipality of Rovinj

Project team

  • Privileggio_Secchi architettura
  • Nicolò Privileggio, Marialessandra Secchi


  • collaborators:
  • Alice Luraghi, Nicola Russi