JESI PASSENGER TERMINAL. Design proposal for a passenger interchange terminal. The project is part of the  “territorio snodo 2” national program.

Planning study

The master-plan proposal was commissioned by the municipality to apply for a funding program of the Italian Ministry of Public Works and Transport. It concerns the transformation of the existing railway station in a new interchange passenger terminal, strongly affecting the surrounding urban context. The project develops a proposal of requalification of the entire urban section spanning from the ancient city centre to the outer periphery.

Furthermore, it investigates a new connection to the natural landscape through a network of open spaces. The new interchange terminal links two parts of the city and can be considered as a relevant crossing of the Esina Valley, currently cut by the railway. Meanwhile, it represents an opportunity for the town of Jesi to activate a network of connections with smaller towns and villages in the region.


  • 2011


  • Jesi (IT)


  • Comune di Jesi

Project team

  • Privileggio_Secchi architettura
  • (architecture and urbanism)
  • Nicolò Privileggio, Marialessandra Secchi
  • with Federica Ponti, Lorenzo Santosuosso


  • DiAP - Politecnico di Milano
  • Istituto per la ricerca sociale - IRS
  • Trasporti e Territorio - TRT