Restricted competition - first prize subsequent master plan developement

Modelling the ground surface is the main tool in designing this proposal for a new commercial and industrial site at the periphery of Rovereto.

Here the contemporary city meets the ancient and well structured landscape of vineyards and orchards. While a new topography is the major element designed to last over time, a “mobile landscape” is, by contrast, indipendently produced by the short amortizations terms of economic investments, which stimulate quick building renewal together with activities’ turnover.

The resulting image is a new urban landscape emerging through a gradual process. Workshops, industrial buildings and commercial activities are gathered in square and flat modular units,adapting to the sloping ground, here they can share parking and open spaces. The units number and density is flexible, and will follow the implementation process, however the landscape structure will provide the completeness of the overall design since the beginning.


  • 1998 - 1999


  • Rovereto (IT)


  • Comune di Rovereto

Project team

  • Privileggio_Secchi architettura
  • Nicolò Privileggio, Marialessandra Secchi


  • Andrea Nicolini, Federico Magri, Alessandro Mingolo