Nicolò Privileggio graduated in Architecture from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. After having completed his PhD in Architecture and Urban Design at Politecnico di Milano, he started his professional career by working as an architect and urban planner with Bernardo Secchi, with whom he was involved in several master-plan projects (in Bergamo, Kortrijk, Ascoli Piceno and Brescia) between 1991 and 1998. In 1998 Nicolò Privileggio co-founded Privileggio Secchi Architettura Urbanistica with Marialessandra Secchi.

As a founder and partner of Privileggio Secchi Architettura Urbanistica, he has been responsible for the coordination of multidisciplinary teams in developing urban planning and design projects.

He combines his work as a designer with his extensive teaching experience at Politecnico di Milano where, since 2002, he has been coordinating numerous courses in architecture and urban design. Throughout his career he has served as Adjunct Professor in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Padova as well as a visiting critic at the TU/e Eindhoven and KU Leuven. As a member of the research group of Politecnico di Milano he contributed to the national research programs “Infrastructures, Urban Habitat and Settlements” held between 1998 and 2004.

Among his publications are: “La città come testo critico” (Franco Angeli, Milano 2008) and,  “X Milano” (Hoepli, Milano 2004), an extensive design investigation on Milano metropolitan area which he co-authored.


Marialessandra Secchi, graduated in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano, and proceeded to obtain a PhD in Architecture and Urban Design from the same establishment. Between 1992 and 1998 she worked with Bernardo Secchi as an architect and urban planner and was involved in a variety of master-plan projects, (in Bergamo, Brescia and Brunico). In 1998 she concluded her collaboration with Bernardo Secchi and co-founded Privileggio Secchi Architettura e Urbanistica with Nicolò Privileggio.

A defining trait of her work is the merging of her expertise in architecture, city planning, and landscape planning; it stands out for its constant intertwining of profession, teaching, and university research. Marialessandra holds the position of Associate Professor in Urbanism at Politecnico di Milano, where she has been coordinating the Urban Planning and Design course since 2005. In addition, she has participated in a multitude of research-by-design projects, either as science manager or team member, in partnership with international public and private institutions.

She currently serves as a member of the teaching board of the Doctoral Program in Urban Planning Deign and Policy in Politecnico di Milano, and in the past she has also served as a visiting critic and lecturer at the TU Eindhoven, KU Leuven, University of Genova, and Domus Academy.

Her investigations and projects have been published in several scientific magazines such as Territorio, Planum The Journal of Urbanism and Urbanistica. Among her recent publications are: ‘Territori in divenire. Progetti e scenari per la laguna di Karavasta’ (Siracusa: Letteraventidue, 2020)

Stefano Ivaldi, MA architect, graduated in 2012 at Politecnico di Milano. After collaborating with several offices based in Milano, he joined PSAU (Privileggio-Secchi Architettura Urbanistica) in 2013 where he works on relevant projects and competitions, facing a complex design approach and crossing different scales, from architecture to territorial scenarios. As a teaching assistant at the school of Architecture – Politecnico di Milano he has been involved in several projects, focusing his attention on the role of design in the transformation of contemporary territory.
As a freelance he runs private residential commissions while participating in diverse international competitions. Recently he won the first prize in Europan 15 – Uddevalla (SE) and the second prize in AAA Architetti Cercasi competition – Milano (IT).

Manuel Clasadonte, MA architect, studied at Politecnico di Milano, where he graduated in 2015, and at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. He partecipated in several international design workshop, beneath them“ Envisioning coalitions along the coal track : Houthalen-Helchteren” whose outcomes were presented at IABR 2016 in Rotterdam. He joined Privileggio-Secchi in 2016. He also takes part, as a teaching assistent, in academic activities since 2015.
He continues his own professional career in private residential commissions and international competitions as “Floating Room Competition, Archistart 2017” (first prize) and AAA Architetti Cercasi competition, Milano 2020 (second prize).

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